stimulates learning.


In Pre-elementary our goal is to provide a nice environment for children.

That fosters learning, autonomy, and forms the base of knowledge and skills they need for the future.

Our objetive

We focus on such an important growth stage


Fostering manual skills, language, and activities with real life application. Emphasizing the different stages of play, creativity, and the discovery of their surroundings, learning to master motor skills.


Creating an environment where they can explore their imagination. Integrating subjects such as the vegetable garden, oven bread, creative playroom, and activity centers for special interests where they develop multiple intelligences. Learning in experiential and multisensory ways.

Second language

Teaching a second language.As we strengthen their first language, we start teaching English in a dynamic and fun way in kindergarten and prep school, with half a day of teaching in Spanish and the other half in English. To achieve a better use of the language.


Al afianzar el idioma materno, iniciamos con la enseñanza del inglés de una forma dinámica y divertida. En los grados de kínder y preparatoria con la mitad del día en español  y la otra mitad del día en inglés. Para lograr un mejor aprovechamiento del idioma.

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