We created a digital environment within the whole school, providing our students with the tools, platform and content required to work naturally around a digital learning space. Our equipment includes iPads, digital projectors, speakers, boards, among others. We have prepared all of our facilities in such a way that they are compatible with state of the art technological needs. We count on all the electronic services to be connected through the Internet, available for both teachers and students.

We moved the world to the classroom through digital spaces. The students are learning to explore the information available and know what to do with it.

Digital platform and content
To expand content and reinforce the different areas in the curricula, teachers support their classes through the use of technology. All students have an iPad. Each of these tools is synchronized with videos, songs and applications that will support what is seen in class. The school has a digital platform where content (videos, applications and presentations) can be found, as well as planning, digital sequences, academic administration, and other teaching resources that will enable students learn accordingly to the needs posed by today's world.

Use of the Internet
Use as a teaching tool to display topic presentations, conducting research or checking out facts. To reproduce video or songs when is a class need to reinforce in a topic. The Internet sets the world within the reach of a hand providing learning without borders or limits. The Internet allows the students to work in collaboration with others and sets the way to interact in classrooms scattered all over the world, contributing to an integration of learning experiences and providing a climate of discovery and sharing of new concepts and ideas; and at the same time, classrooms becoming centers of international education. So, this is when we state that we educate our students as citizens of the world.