our values

  • Order
  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Responsibility
  • Self-discipline
  • Courtesy
  • Tolerance
  • Loyalty
  • Valor

Motivated by love

The family could very well raise children with values and be motivated by love. Each child is a world in its own and shares a series of qualities and characteristics, some positive and some not. Within the family, it is possible to assume weaknesses because children know that their parents and siblings want them to be unique and valuable, persons with strengths and weaknesses.

This is the starting point where children pass obstacles and attain their aimed values.

To do it, we can rely on each child’s strengths. Parents must act in an educational way. Actions like such will set a familiar style on education. Consequently, all members will share and respect different criteria and behaviors.

Education in values 

The objective is to integrate reason, will, and sentiment in the person’s performance.
This means nurturing intelligence with values, teaching for reflection, pick what is suitable in each situation and evaluate performance according to the purpose sought. On the other hand and in order to strengthen will, it is important to give the child, depending on his/her level of maturity, spaces to act freely and in accordance to what they have chosen as a purpose; that is, provide them with opportunities to exercise each one of the values.

Forming understanding

Helping children to assimilate and take values as their own, as well as any criteria that will arise about life, so to encourage them to build a healthy critical spirit.

Forming will

Thinking is an indispensible requirement but not always enough. It is important to help children in getting willpower through virtues. Willpower promotes children’s self-esteem and their own security. By providing both, it will give them ease and power to achieve the goals they want.

Nurturing affection
Along with nurturing and building intelligence and will, it is necessary to cater affectivity. Moral education also directs attention to manage affectivity favoring a generous disposition towards the good, which sometimes requires sacrifice and waivers to overcome selfishness. Having good feelings helps having a strong will to attain the good. Experiences and values are embedded strongly in a person.

In summary
Educate by teaching to strive each day for doing what one understands is what should be done: seize the time, take advantage of own personal abilities, attempt to overcome the defects of own personality, always explore to do more for the people who are around us, keep cordiality in all relationships, work, study and live the essence of good and for a well done job.
For all this is necessary a


Better prepared willingness is mostly motivating and is the key to educate in feelings and values.

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