our school


Be a forming institution for Guatemalan nationals whose characteristics will respond to an integral comprehensive training for new citizens, developing in them scientific, cultural and social competencies for a positive insertion into what society is demanding.


We are an institution that forms citizens through awareness of their role in society, with high ethical and moral values, whose comprehensive integral training and competencies ensures a harmonious development with critical attitude, creative, purposeful and social sensitivity.

Our Educational Project

Education is an indispensable mean to attain the country’s development. Guatemala is currently undergoing an educational reform that requires serious commitments of affection and dedication, attaining goals in short, medium and long-term seeking positive changes in our society. For this reason developing an educational project attaining these ideals has been our corner stone. We want to be for Guatemala an opportunity for so many children and youngsters that need a good education that will make them grow in their knowledge, skills, use of technology, and permanent strengthening of their principles and values so that in the near future they will be the one promoting positive and permanent change. With this ideal, for more than a decade ago, we have been working hard to continue offering to the children and youngsters an opportunity to achieve quality education, making it a strong foundation for their own future and that of our country.

Who are we?

We are an educational community that accompanies each student to discover and maximize his/her abilities and become a global full and successful citizen. We are an educational institution forming individuals so they can become responsible citizens able to achieve their personal goals and participate in the building of a better nation. We are an innovative proposal where each student is able to think, create, experiment and find his/her way of learning, which in many instances means doing what he/she likes. We are part of the technological change that advances at great speed and that is constantly making us review our teaching-learning system according to what a digital society and a twenty-first century education demand. 

What do we offer?

At Colegio Campo Verde we use a new way to develop the processes of teaching and learning by which the student becomes the key figure with a different role for the teacher. The classroom structure and its dynamics are also different, so are the requirements and the assessment systems. Learning environments are also different as are the innovative areas, all important to fulfill our graduate’s profile. We offer our students an optimal educational environment, where they are appreciated and by which their actions are assessed accordingly to their learning styles and talents. We provide theoretical and practical knowledge along with a strong training in values and the necessary tools for the student’s own personal development. We offer an education based on talent recognition, practices and potential integration, as well as tastes.


 This is a comprehensive educational methodology. It is the most complete and innovative solution for students of today, enabling them to face lifelong challenges that in the daily basis change in our society. The methodology integrates areas, processes, content, accreditation and academic and pedagogical foundations.

We offer a strong bilingual education since the early years of school, based on a total English language immersion program using half a day for practice and in combination with activities, dramatizations and games.

We offer integral training at all levels in the area of mathematics based on practice and the need to use matter in daily life. Our objective is to make it an innovative experience in the teaching-learning process, strengthening reasoning and logical skills from early age. We propose a methodology that develops the student’s ability to pose problems using graphical methods. 
We develop in our students the area of Mental Calculation as an important element for facing the challenges posed by society.

We offer a reading program that allows students from early age to develop the love for reading, reading comprehension and developing at the same time, good writing skills. By which, we are offering the necessary preparation to communicate properly and assertively in a globalized society.

How did we achieve it?

We did it by means of the requirement, perseverance, discipline, commitment to make things right, thinking about good development and learning through our students. We did it through our daily work along with the company of parents and their commitment to educate their children.

We did it by acknowledging Guatemala´s reality, from its needs to protect the environment to its social and cultural development. We did it by respecting and acknowledging the country’s multi-ethnic, multilingual and multicultural differences.

We did it because we want to strengthen and support the country’s protection of the environment. Our students have the opportunity to participate in reforestation activities, campaigns and workshops related to environmental improvement.

We did it by having a team of professionals specialized in different areas, which are trained and advised in an intensive and permanent manner by foreign pedagogues and local educators. 


They are three-axis spanning our pedagogical model which is present in everything the students do and go for. Globalization is one of them. Globalization is a process that produces effects in the environment, culture, political systems, in development and economic prosperity. Education today cannot be back in addressing this issue. By that, at Colegio Campo Verde we prepare our students to be acquainted with the world, to face it and particularly to inquire and
investigate further beyond their borders. Using technology as support and giving them the feeling of being citizens of the world.


It is carried out in all school areas: content, skills, processes, English language levels among others; all complying with international standards of the highest level such as PISA. Some of the skills we measure, for both students and teachers, are:

  • Emotional skills
  • Intellectual skills
  • Reading skills
  • Math skills
  • Meta-cognition
  • Techniques and study habits
  • English language communication skills

How are our facilities?

We offer facilities designed by architects specialized in educational centers, safe and spacious, with structural design suitable to our country, specially built to ensure comfort. They include lit halls, sports fields, recreation areas, computer labs, special rooms for centers of interest, mini library, vegetable garden, bread oven, Atelier, music production room, parent’s room, administrative areas and a spacious parking area.

Our school has guarded entrances and perimeter walls to ensure the safety of our students,parents, teachers and administrative staff. We have a master plan for our facilities which allows future orderly growth.


What makes us different?

Education is the beginning of everything and the student is the protagonist of our daily work. Our commitment is to form an individual in a comprehensive cognitive manner, emotional and personal.

We know that many times we worry about our children’s education and what will take for them to become successful adults, leaders with the ability to create a better world. Did you know that our educational system is transcendental to make it happen?

Education is the daily challenge that we face in this globalized world, keen to a real improvement that is palpable which can be felt anywhere at any time. Today and each day are clearer to where we should focus the education. For us, the path is clear.


We count on important projects that distinguish us from other educational projects, each one with areas that make us go beyond the process of teaching and learning.

  • Vegetable garden
  • Bread oven
  • Centers of interest (development of multiple intelligences)
  • Mini-libraries
  • Free and creative play
  • Atelier
  • Musical production

What are we looking for?

We want to sow seeds of constant search in children and youth. We are looking for children and youngsters who will grow and learn by themselves, who are independent and prepared not only to answer a test. We are looking for children and youngsters of the world to pass THE TEST OF LIFE.


Where are we going?

We are going towards the achievement of our goals, which we see reflected in our graduate students. Responsible citizens committed to their society, parents supporting their children’s education, sculptors and painters looking in our culture for the best inspiration for their work, a country that promotes sustainable development through environmental conservation programs and professionals capable to achieve, critics who will help build, scientists seeking a better quality of life; and why not, give Guatemala proactive leaders as examples to follow.

What do our students develop after graduating from our school?


  • Youngsters with critical thought and a creative attitude. Passionate and creative, able to make decisions, with sensitivity towards art and music.
  • Youngsters with knowhow and take. Practical and capable of solving problems, consistent producers, innovative and prepared to take risks, imaginative and avid readers.
  • Youngsters with values, capable of handling emotions. Persistent, physically, socially and emotionally balanced. Self motivated and self assured. With a project to share among their world.
  • Youngsters, citizens of the world with global vision and communication skills, bilingual, leaderswho know team work. Excellent speakers and writers. Open to knowledge and friendly to othercultures.