The coexistence of Colegio Bilingüe Campo Verde, by means of educational reform, establishes the constitutional commitment to "assist and protect children with the assurance of a harmonious and integral development " in order to "prepare the child for an active adult life, instilling in him respect for human rights, cultural values and care for the environment in a spirit of peace, tolerance and solidarity without prejudice to the freedom of teaching, established in the current laws of the country". Thereby it is intended to reach a society in which people participate consciously and actively in the construction of a common good, as well as improving the quality of life of each student and his/her parents.

Convivencia escolarIt also promotes the acceptance of the other to a healthy coexistence, regulates interpersonal relationships and finds a favorable climate for personal growth and inclusive learning. It aims to contribute formulating a Personal Project of Life, particularly for students in a healthy environment marked by trust, creativity and a strong commitment to an independent behavior, consensual decision making and if necessary, a regulatory way through the application of rules and sanctions.

The school is a place of learning but also a setting for coexistence. If by acquiring knowledge and skills, individual functions will develop towards thinking, relationships built around coexistence will constitute the best foundation to learn on how to live. Acquiring or reinforcing attitudes and real positive habits to coexistence constitute the visible purpose of discipline. It seems that without coexistence discipline is not necessary, without discipline coexistence is not possible. Therefore, discipline will not remain at the top of external or social relations, but makes self-domain possible, accepting the rules of coexistence and effective participation and the autonomy in the school community.


  • Nursery I – Nursery II y Prekindergarten 7:30 a 12:00
  • Kindergarten - Preschool 7:30 a 14:30
  • Primary school 7:30 a 14:30
  • Secondary school –Básicos- 7:30 a 14:30
  • Bachillerato en Ciencias y Letras 7:30 a 14:30
  • Bachillerato en Ciencias y Letras focus on Computer use 7:30 a 16:00
  • Bachillerato en Ciencias y Letras focus on Biological Sciences 7:30 a 16:00 Schedule