middle school

This is the study stage for children ages 12 to 16 years.  To continue to Secondary school is an important step into our student’s life. Changing from Primary to Secondary school is a process that takes time.  After having worked all the learning areas with a teacher, changing to specialized ones makes it a challenge which at the beginning will generate concern, fear and curiosity, but as time advances it will acquire the necessary confidence to face it.

Academic training
We follow the guidelines established by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala and work under the Currículum Nacional Base. We are aware that the training our students must obtain is for them to be able to perform adequately in the area of their career choice in High School. We have an academic administrative structure, formed by specialized coordinators for different subject matters.

This allows us to focus on each area of study and seek to make our students feel motivated by having a qualified teaching staff. The demand is high, since we hope that our children will develop skills that enable them to face the challenges and demands of the various career choices posted for High School.

In the area of Mathematics, children will have the opportunity to deepen in the different topics to be learned accordingly to their age, mainly focusing in reinforcing arithmetic, introduction to algebra and a strong approach to flat geometry.

In the area of Language, we hope that children will develop writing and spelling skills, which will make them improve in their reading comprehension, feel motivated by reading, allowing them a better understanding for math and physical and social sciences. Likewise, they will have the opportunity to carry out cooperative work by which we hope they learn how to value teamwork. 

Training the person
The emotional side of our students plays an important role in their lives. To be able to support them into an emotional development, we have a Department of School Life and an Orientation Department. Healthy living helps them develop social skills and allow them to live with other people.

In Secondary school, children will have the opportunity to participate in activities of coexistence organized by the Student Council, teachers or either by classroom activities. As the years pass and students reach 3rd grade Básicos, is time to take significant decisions towards their lives.  Stating what area they will like to study.  How to choose it? Why choosing it?

It is for the Department of Orientation to work the students’ evaluation and guide them through taking the best decision.Next to all the emotional development there is discipline management. Secondary school has a Discipline Commission with responsible persons and together with all teachers are in charge of watching that all that is established in the school regulations and in the Normative for Peaceful Coexistence and Discipline, issued by the Ministry of Education, is complied. Youngsters will have to understand the importance that is to comply with the standards in order to build a better society, to the extent that they will be self-disciplined and by it, minimize the problems.